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India is world’s biggest younger consumer country in world. So every company trying to get more share in open market. So everyday new product and service is offering to us, and we avail. We take because we have trust on shopkeeper, more and more important is we pay for their faith.

But today new trend raise called e-commerce, and big players already achieved considerable success in world, creating a wave of enthusiasm in India as well, However, worries emerged among Indian consumers who started to ask questions about the security of e-commerce and the trustworthiness of mostly unknown online retailers.

MYeSHOPE offers all the tools and services they need to ensure and boost trust in the digital world.


MYeSSHOPE founders, who were simply enthusiastic about the many online shops that had started cropping up, one thing was clear: INDIA needed a Faithful value of money brand that could guarantee consumers a safe shopping experience and step in to protect them from financial losses. This brand would not serve large players only. Instead, it would support small and medium enterprises in proving their trustworthiness. This was the only way to guarantee equal opportunities to online retailers and true freedom of choice to consumers.

Helps companies & SHOPKEEPERS = my product and shpe

To lay the foundations for their vision of a MYeSHOPE, WE sought the cooperation of consumer protection experts to develop the requirements for a comprehensive audit of online shops. Upon successful completion of the audit, the online shop would be awarded the trustmark MY SSHOPE This symbol of VALUE RELATIONSHIPS. Where everyone would be connected with a guaranteed Satisfaction offered by MYeSShops for every purchase made with a certified online shop. This package for all-round satisfaction has been at the heart of MYShops’ activities from the very beginning.

We start offer with customer reviews. Apart from the initial audit, the reviews left by customers who placed an order with a shop enable the shop owners to assess their service daily. This perfect combination continues to be very much appreciated by online shoppers and retailers alike.

Indeed, both online shoppers and retailers benefit from our solutions; while consumers look forward to receiving their order, online retailers benefit from transactions and more new customers.

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